CAC Construction in Greater Montreal: 14 years of excellence in real estate projects

The CAC CONSTRUCTION adventure began in 2007, when Christian Alexandre and Steve Poupart combined their skills and passion. Founded on an exceptional collaboration, our company combines professionalism and human warmth, propelling it to the top of Quebec’s construction industry;

Christian Alexandre is a builder with a human approach. He offers his customers the same standards he would demand of his own family. Each member of the family ensures that every project delivered is impeccable in every respect.

Our history is punctuated by success, delivering a diversity of real estate projects with excellence and innovation. From elegant high-rise condominiums and charming townhouses to dynamic commercial spaces, inspiring educational facilities and industrial buildings, our diverse portfolio reflects our commitment to quality and variety.

Our values

CAC Construction’s strength lies in its reputation as a responsible and trustworthy construction company. Our team of dynamic professionals is committed to finding innovative solutions, always putting the customer at the heart of every decision. We share a common vision of professional excellence that unites all team members, and is the key to the exemplary mastery of each project.


At CAC Construction, respect for our customers is at the heart of our mission. Every interaction is marked by attentive listening and total transparency. We take pride in understanding our customers’ specific needs and exceeding their expectations at every stage of the process. Our focus on quality, transparency and efficiency guarantees an exceptional customer experience.

Projet de construction d'un immeuble résidentiel moderne sur Montréal
continuous improvement

Our aim is always to improve, to perfect, to raise the standards of the real estate industry. Whether in management, construction or operation, we aim to reflect our commitment to innovation and quality, offering innovative and efficient solutions at every stage of the construction process.

Intelligent growth

We are dedicated to evolving in harmony with our rigorous standards, quality products and the high expectations of our customers, partners and subcontractors. With us, growth goes hand in hand with commitment and excellence, ensuring a positive and lasting impact in the real estate construction industry.


Building durable structures that will stand the test of time requires constant monitoring of the latest technological advances. That’s why our team is constantly being trained, and why we work closely with leading professionals to maintain the highest standards of quality.


We are proud to serve several localities in the Greater Montreal area, focusing on in-depth knowledge of the local market and the specific needs of each area.
Our services stretch from Laval to Montreal, including Saint-Sauveur, Mascouche, Valleyfield and Delson. Our goal is to offer superior construction solutions tailored to the particularities of each city and each project.

Christian alexandre, vice président


In addition to being an outstanding leader who values collaboration, teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement, Christian Alexandre is an entrepreneur at heart and a true visionary. Indeed, his mission and vision for the company promise a prosperous future. His people skills, which make all the difference, have greatly contributed to the company’s success and evolution.

Christian is also an engineer in the optimization of company operations and the search for new opportunities, making him an inspirational reference for the whole team. Thanks to his energy, go-getter nature and interpersonal skills, he is certain that the company has a very promising future ahead of it.

Why put your trust in Christian Alexandre?

Because his creativity makes him a person of solutions, who draws on his vast human and technical experience and expertise to find a tailor-made answer, whatever the project in mind.

Because our proactivity translates into conscientious anticipation, respect for deadlines and budgets, making every project a success in every respect.

Because its flexibility relies on a talented, inspired and efficient team that has established solid, complementary partnerships with a wide range of specialists in the greater Montreal and Laurentian regions.

Our team

Équipe complete de professionnels

Our experienced team skillfully integrates technology to perfect our processes, project management and work methods. With attention to detail and a tailor-made approach to every project, CAC Construction is committed to providing unsurpassed quality and exceptional turnkey service.

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