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CAC Construction is a team of professionals you can trust to ensure the success of your construction and renovation projects. Our commitment to excellence and proven expertise in a variety of fields make us the right choice to ensure the success of your initiatives.

Our strengths

At CAC Construction, we believe in the importance of lasting relationships. We are committed to being a trusted partner throughout the process, working with you every step of the way to ensure results that meet your expectations and budget.

Our proactive approach incorporates careful planning from the earliest stages of the project. We identify potential challenges long before they become problems. This approach ensures smooth execution and maximum project efficiency.

CAC Construction doesn’t just solve short-term problems, but finds strategies that not only help solve current problems, but also adopt sustainable solutions, contributing to the stability and ongoing success of your real estate project.

By intervening early in the process, CAC Construction identifies significant savings opportunities for real estate developers. Our expertise enables you to optimize costs while maintaining superior quality and increased efficiency in the realization of your projects.

General Contractor

No matter how complex your construction needs, our team of general contractors offers a full range of services to ensure your complete satisfaction. We’re here to turn your ideas into reality, whether your project is small, medium or large-scale.

Turnkey projects

Opt for peace of mind by letting our expertise handle all the details of your project. We take care of the entire process, from design to delivery, so you can concentrate on your other priorities.

Construction and Renovation

For your construction or renovation projects, we provide experienced professionals with the necessary know-how. From minor alterations to major transformations, we are the experts to ensure flawless execution.

Sectors of Activity

Your building’s specific interior systems requirements call for a specialized approach. Our comprehensive range of services is precisely tailored to these requirements. Call on our know-how to complete or enhance your interior environment in a customized way.

  • Estimates
  • Project management
  • Demolition
  • Metal framed partitions
  • Metal structures
  • Gypsum installation
  • Joint pulling
  • Acrylic plaster
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Drop ceilings
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Joinery

CAC Construction is more than just a contractor; we’re your trusted partner in successfully completing your projects, combining expertise, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

construction et réalisation d'un projet de maison résidentiel à montréal
Some of our services

Estimation : Our accurate estimates provide a solid basis for planning and budgeting your project. We carefully evaluate costs to ensure total transparency and reliability right from the start of the process.

Project Management : Our comprehensive project management provides meticulous supervision at every stage with rigorous attention to detail. We coordinate all aspects of the project to ensure smooth execution on time and on budget. 

Demolition : Our demolition services are carried out with the utmost care, ensuring safety and minimizing disruption, while effectively preparing the site for subsequent phases of construction.

Metal Frame Partitions and Metal Structures : We specialize in the installation of metal frame partitions and metal structures, offering solid, durable solutions for your building.

Gypsum Installation and Joint Pulling : Our team ensures precision gypsum installation and joint pulling, guaranteeing smooth and aesthetic finishes for your interiors.

Insulation and Joinery : We offer high-quality sound insulation solutions, as well as customized joinery services, meeting the specific needs of each space. 

And much, much more! Find out more!

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