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Discover the emblematic achievements of CAC Construction, reflecting our expertise in various sectors. Our portfolio of construction and renovation projects testifies to our ability to meet challenges, whatever they may be.

réalisation d'un projet de construction résidentiel


Residential projects: From single-family homes to condominiums

For every residential project, from the most modest to the most ambitious, CAC Construction brings its professional expertise to bear. With us, every residence benefits from expert advice and rigorous project management to transform your living space. Put your trust in us for your next residential project, and discover why we’re the ideal partner for your construction or renovation project.


Commercial projects: Construction and rehabilitation

Whatever your expectations for the construction or revitalization of your business, our team of experts has the in-depth knowledge of the field to meet even your most specific needs. As professionals, we ensure complete customer satisfaction, on time and on budget. Our expertise in interior systems installation guarantees a quality finish for your commercial spaces.

construction d'une école primaire à Montréal de qualité et de manière professionnels
projet de construction et réalisation commercial


Institutional buildings: Schools, Hospitals, Libraries

At CAC Construction, we understand the unique requirements of each institutional project. Whether you represent a municipality, a school board, or a government agency, our extensive expertise is a major asset, guaranteeing on-time, on-budget completion. Our commitment is always based on the unwavering trust you place in our company.

Construction d'un hotel luxueux à Montréal


Expertise dans le secteur industriel : Construction et Rénovation

Dans le domaine industriel, l’exécution de travaux de construction ou de rénovation nécessite une expertise sans faille. Nous avons prouvé, au fil des années, que nous sommes les professionnels de choix pour mener à bien des projets industriels complexes, portant une attention particulière aux détails et avec une précision sans compromis.

Every CAC Construction project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet the diverse needs of our customers. So if you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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